0% Financing Not Always the Best Deal!

What could be better than 0%?  Financing at your credit union could save you money. How can that be?  Most 0% financing options require you to give up a substantial rebate to receive the discounted rate. In most cases, you’re better off to take the rebate, apply it to the cost of the vehicle and finance through our credit union. Contact us and compare options. You’ll be glad you did!

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  0% Financing* Your CU**
Vehicle Cost $18,000 $18,000
Rebate (forfeited) $2,000
Amount Financed $18,000 $16,000
APR 0% 3.00%
Est. Mo. Payment $500 $465
Total Financed $18,000 $16,457

Based on 36 mo. term.  Rates and rebates vary.

Credit Union Keeps Loan Rates Low As Low As 4.75% Annual Percentage Rate!

To maintain the guidelines for our Risk Based Lending (RBL) parameters. The areas reviewed in the RBL format are the following:

  • Continuity of income
  • Debts in comparison to income
  • Credit report
  • Offer of collateral

The loan officer reviewing the loan starts at a base rate of 6.50% and subtracts or adds interest rate points based on your scoring in each of the preceding categories. Now members may qualify for rates as low as 4.75% A.P.R. for “collateralized” loans. To learn if you qualify for a low rate on a new or used car, a home equity loan, second mortgage or a personal loan, call one of our loan officers at 402-339-6755 to have an application forwarded to you click here or click on the image below to apply online.