General Service Fees

Certified Checks $1.50 each
Money Orders $2.00 each
Account Closure Fee (if closed within 30 days of opening) $10.00
Garnishment Fee $30.00
Innactive Account $5.00 per month
Incoming Wire Fee $20.00
Outgoing Wiring Fee $20.00
Fax (outgoing) $1.00 per charge

Checking Service Fees

 Monthly Service Charge (if account balance is over $0)  NONE
 Monthly Service Fee (if account falls below $0)  $10.00
 First 20 Checks  FREE
Overdraft Fee (per item)  $30.00
 Automatic Transfer Fee to Cover Overdraft  $5.00
 Stop Payment Fee  $30.00 per item
 Account Reconciliation and Research Fee  $15.00 per hour
Deposit Return Item  $30.00 per item
 Check Photocopy  $3.00
 Return Check Fee (deposit item funds available)  $30.00
Account History Printout $3.00 per copy
Bad Address Fee $3.00 per piece

Instant Cash & Check Card Fees

ATM Fee for Cash Withdraw         $1.75
IC&C Overdraft fee             $30.00
Card Replacement/Reactivation fee             $10.00
IC&C Automatic Transfer to Cover Overdraft           $5.00
IC&C Transactions for Purchases            NONE

VISA Credit Card Service Fees

VISA Late Fee $20.00
Return Check Fee $25.00
Cash Advance NONE
Annual Fee NONE