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Some financial institutions boast that they have the best free checking account in town.  With a closer look, these “FREE” or best deal checking accounts require a high minimum balance or pay no interest.  The Credit Union offers a checking account tailored to meet members’ needs.  No minimum balance is required.If you should fall below the minimum balance, the monthly service charge is nominal.  You may also qualify to earn a dividend on your checking account.

Personal checking at Baker's Federal Credit Union

Check 21, Check Clearing Act of the 21st Century

This new Act, passed by Congress, went into effect on October 28, 2004. Check 21 provides for the creation of a new negotiable instrument known as a “Substitute Check.” A substitute check is the legal equivalent of its original check for all purposes. The check clearing act will cut the time it takes a check from days to hours.

Reordering Checks

Bakers Federal Credit Union has a new partnership with Main Street Inc. for reordering Checks.  You can order/re-order checks directly from the Main Street website or contact your dedicated Bakers Federal Credit Union Client Services Representative.


Bonus: Instant Cash and Debit Check Card

Visa-CardAn Instant Cash and Check Debit Card allows you 24-hour availability to your funds. With an Instant Cash and Check Debit Card there is no need to carry a checkbook everywhere you go; no need to take the time to write a check; no need to worry about providing several pieces of identification for a merchant to accept your check. Your Instant Cash and Check Debit Card is accepted wherever VISA is accepted. Use it to purchase gas, pay for merchandise, entertainment, at the grocery store, to access CASH, and much more.

Instead of getting monthly bills, the amount of your purchase and cash withdrawals are automatically deducted from your checking account. A detailed description of each transaction appears on your monthly statement. All of your purchases are FREE from transaction fees. Transactions conducted at ATM machines are merely $1.75 per transaction.