Secure, speedy and so convenient.

Baker’s FCU POP Money saves you the hassle of writing and mailing checks – and it saves your recipient a trip to the bank. Use it to:

  • Send money instantly for urgent needs
  • Pay rent to your landlord or roommates
  • Send money as a gift to family and friends
  • Send money to your child at college

New ways to send money… and ask for it.

Send money fast…or send it NOW. POP Money offers a variety of delivery speed options – including Instant Payment, Next-Day Payment and more – so you can get it there fast when you need to, and save a little change when you don’t. Ask for money without saying a word. When you need to ask for money from anyone – friends, family, clients, tenants – there’s an easy way to do it. In just a few simple steps, the Request Money feature in POP Money will send out requests, monitor responses and receive funds – all with no further action from you. Send money with a personal touch. Now you can send money – the gift no one ever returns – along with a greeting and a personal email message, for no additional fee.

Completely secure – guaranteed.

With Baker’s FCU POP Money, you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access to your account – a promise that’s backed by our Online Risk-Free Guarantee. Plus, you’ll receive an email or text confirmation when your transfer is accepted – no more worrying or wondering if the money made it there.

How It Works

All you need is a Baker’s Federal Credit Union checking or savings account and your recipient’s bank account information, email or mobile phone number. When you send money, you’ll get a confirmation, and the recipient gets an email or text message with instructions on how to claim the money. It’s that simple. Let’s say you want to send money to your BFF – like, right now.

  • You log in to Mobile Banking and choose Send Money.
  • Type in your BFF’s name and the amount you want to send her.
  • Choose Instant for delivery speed. (Eligibility restrictions and fees apply.)
  • If you provide her bank account information, the money will be deposited to her account automatically.

– OR –

  • If you provide her email or mobile number, she’ll receive an email or text with instructions to claim the money.
  • You’ll get a confirmation message that she has received the total amount sent.

Now you are the best BFF ever!

More POP Money Features

  • Schedule recurring payments – Schedule recurring payments and select from a variety of options on how to send the money, including starting date, frequency, and ending date criteria.
  • Ask for money from multiple friends – The Request Money feature lets you ask for money from up to 5 people in one go, and you can leave the amount open-ended… perfect for fundraising requests.
  • Deposit payments automatically – Automatically deposit all future payments from any sender to your Baker’s Federal Credit Union account.
  • Manage your recipient list – Add, edit or delete a recipient, their email address or telephone number.
  • See the fee before you pay – Our fee structure is based on how much you send and how quickly you need it delivered; you’ll see the fee before you complete the transaction. Please refer to the Online and Mobile Financial Services Agreement for more information.